“The staff at Cambridge Transcriptions has been unfailingly responsive, often under very tight time frames. Whenever I need to have a transcript, they are always the ones to whom I go first.”

Stephen Marquart
Bain & Company


At Boston Transcriptions™, our standards are as high as yours.

Exceptional transcripts and recordings require knowledge, skill, and personalized attention to the details of your specific project, and we apply these qualifications to every page of text and every minute of sound that leaves our office.

Take advantage of our in-depth experience with court proceedings, interviews, depositions, conference calls, and a wide array of other events.

Our professional, capable e-reporters will record crystal-clear audio for your depositions, conferences, or arbitrations. We produce quick, flawless texts of recordings in any format.

Please call our office at 617-547-5690 to speak to any one of our knowledgeable staff members about your upcoming projects.