“… they understand the importance of the attorney/client privilege and the importance of accuracy in a transcript. I trust them implicitly with the sensitive material inherent to any legal case.”

George Hassett, Esq.
Hanley, Hassett & Fitzsimmons


ptrialReporting: Official Documenting

An e-reporter combines the skills of an expert audio technician with those of a conscientious and detail-oriented facilitator.

While creating a clear and accurate recording, he or she documents your event smoothly and unobtrusively, ensuring that every detail is correct on the resulting record.

With our system of logging speakers, time-stamping testimony, managing exhibits and other supporting materials, and fact-checking details for accuracy on the spot, our e-reporting services are comprehensive, established, and respected.

Whether deposition, arbitration, annual meeting, administrative hearing, public hearing… you can rely on Cambridge Transcriptions™.

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