pbosfenceA+ Legal Transcriptionists

If you are an A+ legal transcriptionist with proven experience in transcribing depositions, administrative hearings, and arbitrations, we are very much interested in you.

We are constantly seeking highly skilled legal transcriptionists with a strong grasp of English grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary, who are detail-oriented and capable of following very specific instructions.

Our ideal candidate is self-reliant and self-motivated, reliable, most likely a perfectionist who enjoys words, an efficient communicator (especially with his or her employer), savvy with software applications and equipment, and has at least a year of proven legal transcription or court reporting experience.

If you are interested in our growing team, describe in a cover letter the type of legal proceedings you have transcribed, and attach to your e-mail message two or three of your redacted transcripts as samples.

E-mail your cover letter, resume, and any redacted transcript samples to employtran@ctran.com in Microsoft Word format in order to learn the next steps. 

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